Piverlaw assists a wide range of individuals, corporations and organizations meet their immigration needs by providing a wide variety of services, including but not limited to the following:

Business Immigration:

  • Obtain labor certification approval from the U.S. Department of Labor and permanent residency ('Green Card') approval from the U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Service and Department of State.
  • Obtain labor certification-exempt permanent residency ('Green cards') for qualified individuals including: extraordinary ability individuals (EB-1-1), outstanding researchers and professors (EB-1-2), inter-company executives and managers (EB-1-3), shortage occupation workers (nurses and physical therapists), investors and religious workers (I-360).
  • Obtain temporary work visas for investors and treaty traders (E), professionals (H-1B), trainees (H-3 and J-1), specialists and other employment authorized cultural exchange visitors (J-1), inter-company transferees (L-1), extraordinary ability scientists, artists, entertainers and athletes, and essential support personnel (Os, P-1s and P-2s), religious workers (R-1), and NAFTA treaty professionals (TNs).
  • Assist companies from around the world establish offices or branches in the U.S. and transfer qualified personnel from their foreign parent company or foreign offices to their pre-existing or newly created U.S. business entity.
  • Assist a wide range of companies and individuals with Department of State and consular processing issues including nonimmigrant visa stamping, immigrant visa processing, and diversity lottery applications.
  • Represent corporate and individual clients in all areas of business immigration related appeals (agency and judicial) to obtain approval of cases which were erroneously denied.


  • Assist a wide range of individuals meet their family-based immigration needs including dependent nonimmigrant visas, family-based immigrant petitions (marriage, immediate relatives, siblings), and international adoptions.

Visitors and Students:

  • Obtain temporary non-employment authorized visas for visitors for business and pleasure (B-1 and B-2), students (F-1 and J-1), and dependents of work authorized visa holders as described above.
  • Assist foreign students with reinstatement and post graduate immigration needs including strategies to resolve issues related to the H-1B cap.
  • Assist private secondary schools, colleges and universities obtain SEVP certification to accept foreign students.

Asylum, Refugee, and Cancellation of Removal:

  • Represent individuals in asylum, refugee and cancellation of removal cases.

Waivers, Litigation, and Complex Immigration Matters:

  • Assist individuals in obtaining waivers required in certain cases for clients seeking nonimmigrant visa classification or entry into the United States, permanent residence, or naturalization including, but not limited to waivers triggered because of problems with any of the grounds of inadmissibility and deportation, listed at INA §212(a) and INA §237(a) respectively for which there are waivers or exceptions including, but not limited to: waiver of the two-year residency requirement for certain J visa holders; waiver of grounds of inadmissibility on certain health related grounds; waiver of grounds of inadmissibility/deportation related to certain criminal convictions; and waiver of grounds/deportation for material fraud or misrepresentation used to obtain an immigration benefit, or for presence in the United States after previously being deported.
  • Assist clients facing complications with their immigration objectives or encountering obstacles to obtaining nonimmigrant or immigrant visas, permanent residency, or citizenship through naturalization including, but not limited to: problems caused by failure to register for NSEERS, more commonly known as 'special registration;' self-petitioning for permanent residence under the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) for male and female victims of domestic abuse; self-petitioning conditional residents seeking removal of conditions on their marriage-based permanent residency; and problems related to allegations of lack of good moral character, prior communist party affiliation or previously denied naturalization applications.
  • Work with and represent corporate and individual clients before all relevant agencies, courts and related service providers as they pertain to immigration matters including the CIS, SEVIS, DOS, DOL, Administrative Review Boards, Immigration Courts, Federal District and Circuit Courts, Adoption and Family Division State Courts, home study agencies, foreign credential agencies and DOS-approved cultural exchange sponsoring agencies.

Piverlaw's attorneys have a combined total of nearly three decades of immigration law practice, and all its attorneys are dedicated exclusively to immigration law and are members in good standing of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA). Accordingly, the firm possesses the requisite knowledge and experience to assist a wide range of individuals, companies and organizations solve their immigration problems in the U.S. and at U.S. consular posts abroad.

In the increasingly globalized labor market, utilizing immigration law is an essential element for organizations and individuals seeking to successfully compete in today's global work place. Mr. Piver and his associates provide consultation services on a range of immigration issues to a variety of groups including numerous local and national corporations, start-up companies, universities (e.g. University of Pennsylvania, Drexel University, Temple University, Villanova University), The Montgomery County Bar Association, The Mid-Atlantic Employers Association, and numerous other prestigious educational, research, corporate, and nonprofit entities.

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